Building Out Alumni Strategy for Fellowship Program

Case Synopsis -

Repair the World offers a special year-long fellowship for young professionals who are partnered with non-profits addressing social justice issues such as environmentalism, homelessness, criminal justices, and access to food and education. There are currently almost 200 alumni whom Repair the World has engaged over the past few years without much structure.

The goal of this engagement is to help Repair the World define the types of programming and alumni engagement needed to build a proper, highly effective community. They need help understanding where their alumni are now, what they are doing, how their experience with Repair has impacted them, how they would like to be connected in the future, and how Repair can ideally be leveraging their alumni to further their mission.

Key activities will include an alumni-focused longitudinal survey and focus groups.

Relevant Topics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Data Management

Growth Strategy

Human Resource Management


Org Culture, DE&I

Product Design & Development

Learning Objectives

  1. Define how Repair fellows fit into a theory of change.
  2. Help determine the purpose and structure of alumni engagement and community building.
  3. Suggest ways to build out the Repair Fellowship alumni strategy

Company Overview

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