Steven's Institute of Technology Industry Capstone Program

As college graduates are increasingly expected to enter the workforce ready to contribute, experiential learning is becoming more and more prevalent within higher education programs. This hands-on approach to education encourages and requires students to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to dynamic, complex professional situations.


Our Industry Capstone Program is designed to enhance student’s education through a collaborative consulting engagement. Students work as part of a consulting team, with faculty support, to analyze real problems and recommend appropriate actions to the sponsor organizations. The program is an integral part of the curriculum of all graduate business programs and upon completion, students have a real project and real experience to share with recruiters and hiring managers as you move your career forward! 

Meet our Team

It’s time to make education more relevant for students and we’re here to help!

Brian Rothschild

Director of Management Programs & Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies at the School of Business


Christina Sargiss

Coordinator, Industry Capstone Program


Khasha Dehnad

Director of Experiential Learning

Chihoon Lee

Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

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