What is experiential learning?

Learning through experience.

CapSource integrates real-world business leaders and their company challenges directly into the education process through research-oriented project-based experiential learning engagements.

Our Experiential Learning Framework

Experiential learning is a form of active/applied learning that results in reference worthy work experience.

Our engagements require students to practice using key universal skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in order to develop real outcomes for real stakeholders who provide meaningful and actionable feedback along the way.

As a result, students gain reference-worthy experience working with real companies, in real business functions, on real challenges that have real stakes.

Ready to get started?

Or, learn more about our process and the different elements CapSource uses to help educators match with companies based on narrow academic goals and company requirements in order to design custom project-based experiential learning engagements that serve as the curriculum and work plan.

How Does The Process Work?

Step 1:


Learn more about the functional business areas we can incorporate into your custom cross-functional experiential learning engagement.

Step 2:


Companies and schools can explore partnerships and plan project-based collaborations that align learning objectives with business goals.

Step 3:


View samples other students have completed at our network of 30+ university clients around the globe.


Explore how schools use collaboration requests to connect with companies RIGHT NOW for specific experiential learning initiatives