Students gain real-world experience

For a business degree to offer true value to your career, you must be given opportunities to put your knowledge to work on a real industry project. That’s exactly what you’ll gain through your participation in the Industry Capstone Program. This program is tied to a three-credit course (MGT 809) and you will have the opportunity to analyze problems and recommend appropriate actions to corporate partners. Upon completion, be able to share your real-world experience with recruiters and hiring managers!

Xin Zhao

Graduate from the Business Intelligence & Analytics Program

"One of the best things about the Industry Capstone Program is that you get full support from the faculty advisor, team members, and key stakeholders. My faculty advisor served as a lighthouse for the student team and provided well-rounded guidelines and support to each one of us. Key stakeholders are willing to devote their company’s resources to the project and value your contribution and ideas. With this support, you can bring out your maximum potential for the project - it is something you cannot achieve in other classes."

Kuntal Gupta

Graduate from the AMBA Program

"This course has helped me better assimilate to the working culture of the United States and gain exposure to relevant and necessary professional skills. Throughout the semester, I collaborated with my peers, faculty advisor and corporate partner while conducting in-depth research. This project has been a fulfilling experience, and I have been able to take on responsibilities that actually matter to the stakeholders."

How it works

Students who wish to participate in MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program (three-credit course) must first pass the pre-requisite requirement MGT 808: Fundamentals of Consulting (zero-credit course). MGT 808 is typically offered in the fall and spring semesters, and MGT 809 is typically offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. MGT 808 will teach you the essentials of consulting and project management — soft skills, communication skills, essentials of consulting and more. In MGT 809, you’ll actually be assigned to and work on a real project with 4-5 of your peers and a faculty advisor. About 4-6 weeks prior to each semester, application and project descriptions for MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program will be emailed to all graduate students of the School of Business. Applicants will then be matched to a project based on their skill set, experiences, and program of study. We will then reach out to all selected applicants with their project for the upcoming semester, and important registration and onboarding information. If you have any questions about our application and registration process, please reach out to Christina Sargiss at for support.

MGT 808 Fundamentals of Consulting

This course introduces students to fundamental soft skills, work techniques and technologies employed by management consultants. Topics covered in this course include project scoping, creating statements of work, meeting facilitation, project planning, design of presentations and written reports, management briefs, and delivery of status reports. The course will improve your ability to present analyses of issues and organizational problems in a concise, accurate, clear and interesting manner from the perspective of a consultant. Students with consulting or project management experience may be eligible to waive this course.

MGT 809 Industry Capstone Experience

This course trains graduate students in the application of tools and methods used by management consultants to provide advisory services to clients. While working on an industry project, students will scope and plan the underlying project, develop a statement of work, and design and deliver status update presentations. Students will learn how to facilitate meetings with different groups of stakeholders over the course of the project, manage client expectations, and apply their disciplinary and technical knowledge to the project.

Prerequisite: MGT 808 Fundamentals of Consulting

Prepared for success

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