Go digital! Migrating Registrar’s Office student records and registration processes into a digital format

Internship Program Synopsis

We need your help digitizing our office. We’re mid-stream in deciding upon a platform (Ellucian workflow and doc management systems which integrate with our Student Information System, Banner), but my team requires assistance with mapping out our tasks, timelines, and procedures. Where to begin? Do we start with the present and go digital from this point forward or do we first focus on our archival records (we retain student records for five years) and scan/save the oldest, etc.? We need at least a few “quick wins” before my office moves location this summer – it would be ideal if we could digitize at least one year worth of files so that we wouldn’t be required to move the physical files. Also, streamlining our registration processes would better meet current students’ needs, especially in the COVID mitigation environment. We are a skeletal staff and two of our team members will be going on maternity leave in late May. Your consultation is crucial to furthering our mission in serving students. Thank you for your consideration.

VIP Info & Engagement Details

Engagement FormatCollaboration
Commitment LevelPart-Time
Opportunity TypeUnpaid
Hiring Potentials
  • Follow-on Projects
  • Formal Internship
  • Entry Level Full-Time
Duration12.6 Weeks (02/01/2021 - 04/30/2021)
Number of Student Teams Needed1
Number of Interns per Team3

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