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A simple process to gain real work experience through hands-on collaborations with real companies!

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Start by creating a profile and providing us with your experiential learning preferences. We’ll use these details to match you with companies in the CapSource network that could be a good fit for project collaborations.

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Search hundreds of companies ready to engage with through research-oriented, hands-on project-based experiential learning engagements. Our network of companies varies greatly in size, industry, strategy, and style and the projects cover many different focus areas.

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Using your preferences, CapSource works with the company and other project specialists to structure an engagement with the host company that will be beneficial for you and your professional career while being impactful for them and their business.

Launch Your Engagement!

Once you’re matched and the project’s been scoped, your project is ready to go! We’ll send you everything you need to ensure you’re set-up for success. From technology, legal paperwork, project scopes, deliverable requirements, and feedback instruments, CapSource is here to help you gain real work experience through our specialized consulting projects!

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