Sample Engagement Kickoff Agenda

  1. Introductions – 5 minutes
    1. How did you get here? Discuss your background, credentials, and areas of interest (professionally and non-professionally).
  2. Overview of Company – 15 minutes
    1. Discuss the business model, industry, and product. Offer opportunities for Q&A at the end.
  3. Overview of Team and Organizational Structure – 10 minutes
    1. What does each department do at the company? If relevant, show an org chart.
    2. What departments are involved with the project?
    3. What team members should the student be aware of and/or connected to? If possible, introduce them during the kickoff meeting or at least provide contact information.
  4. Deep Dive on the Student Project – 20 minutes
    1. What are the goals for the engagement? Walk through the project charter, which will define the scope, timeline, milestones, and deliverables.
    2. How does this fit into the broader mission and structure of the company?
  5. Next Steps – 10 minutes
    1. What paperwork is required, when is it due? Are there any questions?
    2. When will the next meeting be scheduled?
    3. How should everyone communicate? In what cadence?
    4. When are deliverables due? What information is needed that the students don’t yet have access to?