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Reimbursement vs Self-Pay Go To Market Strategy

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Engagement Synopsis

The Munevo team needs support in their go to market strategy. There are two options where the team currently tries to understand the best way in. One would be the reimbursement path, the other would be to focus on the self-pay market more. In both cases the team needs support in identifying all relevant stakeholders such as OTs, clinicians, rehab hospitals, ATPs, distributors, independent sales associations, etc. to come up with a strategy to implement in the next months until the end of the year.

Action items include a detailed research and potential qualitative survey of stakeholders with regards to the market estimation of self-pay vs. reimbursement. Additionally, a database of all relevant stakeholders needs to be started and also contacted to advertise the solution of Munevo. This is done via calling prospects, qualifying them, doing virtual demos of the product (after an onboarding session with the internal team), potential in person visits and more. Based on market results a clear strategy should be defined and executed. Clear financial calculations show the potential of each strategy. You basically become part of the Munevo team and have the potential to shape the US market together with the team. Potentially also one of the first team members of the currently developing US team.

At Munevo the people are at the core, thus we emphasize getting in touch with people with disabilities and listen to their stories. This is how Munevo started and still continues to be motivated and driven by the impact of the technology. The best KPI would be turnover achieved. But rest assured that this financial KPI is connected to helping a person to achieve more independence and increase of life quality.

Company Information

CompanyMunevo GmbH
StageEstablished Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship, Entry Level Full-Time

Company Overview

Munevo uses innovative technology to support people with disabilities. Their product, MUNEVO DRIVE, helps people control their wheelchair using smart glass technology.

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SchoolStevens Institute of Technology, School of Business Industry Capstone Program
Engagement FormatCapstone - Small Team Consulting Project - Students work in small groups of 2-6 directly with faculty and host company project champions on developing real solutions to real-world challenges.
CourseFall 2022 Industry Capstone Program
  • All Graduate
Students EnrolledTBD
Meeting Day & TimeTBD
Student Time Commitment4-7 Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment2 Hours
Duration12.43 Weeks

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