What CSR opportunities do large Wisconsin companies want in 2020?

Case Synopsis -

To employ industry research to distill the most prominent commonalities within Wisconsin-based Fortune 1000 companies’ corporate social responsibility efforts.
What traits occur most commonly among nonprofits they choose to partner with?
What are common characteristics of the programs to which they devote the greatest financial support?
What kinds of programs would they like to support that they have not yet come across?
To develop a corporate engagement strategy that responds directly to what these companies are seeking.
Become well-acquainted with the corporate partnership opportunities offered by ACS in Wisconsin, and identify the most promising opportunities given the trends uncovered in step 1.
Additionally, identify any CSR market segments that the American Cancer Society is neglecting to address, and thus missing out on promising opportunities.

Relevant Topics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Growth Strategy


Sales & Business Development

Learning Objectives

  • To gain a more holistic understanding of the symbiosis between Wisconsin Fortune 1000 companies and nonprofit organizations.
  • To research and identify the most common characteristics of nonprofit programs supported by Fortune 1000 companies in WI.
  • To analyze the programs and engagement strategy of the American Cancer Society, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop a strategy to grow and deepen CSR engagement with Fortune 1000 companies statewide.

Company Overview

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