New Product Development

Case Synopsis -

Mobtown plans to release a new product in early 2018 called Cafe Matcha. A Matcha is a cold tea beverage that's different from their original core kombucha product. Mobtown is looking to analyze their competitors, identifying ideal customer segments and distribution strategies, and assess ways to launch their new product within the most ideal markets. Unlike their Kombucha, this product will not require refrigeration since it's not a probiotic. It's a caffeinated alternative to sugary coffee-based drinks like the Starbucks Latte you can buy off the shelf. With this product, the company is much more flexible with distribution, though they certainly want to leverage their existing distribution network and relationships as they think through their strategy.

Relevant Topics

Growth Strategy


Product Design & Development

Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain

Learning Objectives

  • Students will gain exposure to the CPG product development process.
  • Students will help craft customer acquisition strategies.
  • Students will think critically about new complimentary products lines that will benefit the existing brand.
  • Students will think beyond just new product creation, but also how to launch it, establish sales channels and business development strategies.

Company Overview

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Project Resources

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