USA Go-To-Market Strategy for Medical Product, “munevo DRIVE”

Case Synopsis -

Munevo empowers people with disabilities by using new and innovative technology. Munevo's DRIVE product helps people control their power wheelchair with their head movement by using smart glass technology like Google Glass. It has already been endorsed in the DACH-region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and receives new requests every week from users or institutions around the world. Munevo believes the next key market for their DRIVE product is the US.

The goal of this project is to help Munevo develop a go-to-market plan for the US by researching key information pertaining to medical products and the relevant key stakeholders.

Objectives include:

  1. Analyzing the market size for the number of people that require a special control wheelchair such as Munevo DRIVE.
  2. A report on the key foundations and institutions that work on key diseases or conditions that lead to the need of specially controlled power wheelchairs.
  3. An assessment on the key hospitals and departments that work with the specific diseases and injuries.
  4. Finally, the most important, is an assessment on the distribution system and relevant players  that work with  medical devices and speciality wheelchairs.
  5. A bonus would be to find out the required steps that are needed to have the product reimbursed/paid for by public healthcare in the US.

Recent estimates show that more than 6 million power wheelchair users exist in the US, and each year over 10,000 people require a special control for their wheel chair. Help Munevo to empower these people!

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Relevant Topics

Data Management

Growth Strategy



PR & Communications

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Research & Development

Sales & Business Development

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a go-to-market strategy
  • Analyzing international expansion strategies
  • Suggesting appropriate channels for expansion
  • Understand medical devices industry
  • Learn more about reimbursement process

Company Overview

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