Codifying Success for New Product Launches

Case Synopsis -

Campari Group has a collection beautiful, established brands across numerous spirits categories that are powering us to be one of the fastest growing organizations in the US Spirits marketplace. While we believe that there is massive room for organic growth we do need to supercharge our innovation commercialization process as our innovations have a lower than industry average success rate. We would like to determine a codified innovation launch model by first dissecting launches that have gone well and poorly within Campari while also looking at a small set of competitive products. We will have a data packet ready to jumpstart the look into this issue and we would love for a thorough analysis of growth drivers such as promo spend, promo type, media investment and strategy. Additionally, conducting social media listening and desk research to understand the messages, programs and consumer needs surrounding the innovation(s).

Relevant Topics

Data Management

Growth Strategy


Product Design & Development

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Learning Objectives

  • Students will get an idea of what it takes to launch new products/services
  • Students will be exposed to an exciting industry (alcoholic beverages)
  • Students will be tasked with making decisions based on data sets
  • Students will have the opportunity to craft marketing strategies

Company Overview

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