Future Strategy for the Vermont Catholic Charities Residential Care Homes

Case Synopsis -

Vermont Catholic Charities, Inc. (VCCI) is a statewide social service agency that has been providing services to individuals and families since 1929.  The agency’s largest program is operating four residential care homes which represent approximately 80% of its revenue and expenses.  As Vermont continues to age, residential care housing will be needed to meet the needs of this growing population.  As such, more businesses have entered this market contributing to more competition.  Given this, there is much at stake to maximize sales (occupancy) to support and exceed expenses.  VCCI is hoping to leverage Notre Dame MBAs to evaluate the competitive landscape and market trends, determine if there are product/service gaps, and understand consumer perception and brand awareness of the homes. The end-goal is to produce a product and marketing strategy deck, including a market analysis to improve the overall census and payer mix.

Relevant Topics

Customer Service


PR & Communications

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Sales & Business Development

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn about the different levels of nursing care/housing options for older adults
  • Students will explore the complexities of eldercare and state regulations along with the challenges of a sustainable financial model in this business environment.
  • Students will be tasked with developing a market growth strategy in a niche industry and geographic location.
  • Students will be exposed to an interesting perspective of the healthcare industry.
  • Students will work on a project in a space that has various regulations and unique quality-of-life considerations.
  • Students will be required to think critically about the business while not sacrificing quality of care.

Company Overview

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